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Leasing Celltowers

Understanding Cell Tower Leasing


Cell sites are areas where cell antennas and connection equipment are located to provide mobile phone network to the people around. It is imperative since it ensures that people who need the system get it efficiently. Cell tower leasing is an agreement that is the company that is installing the network and the owner of the piece of land where the cell tower will be constructed. The areas where you are preferred to build a cell tower is in the most top building been built in urban areas and in rural areas the farmers who have the benefit of having large tracts of land. Having a large tract of land in rural areas, it will earn you an extra income by leasing a portion of the property to the company that wants to construct a cell tower.


There are various factors that you are supposed to consider before you lease your land for a cell tower to be constructed these include;  you should make sure that whether the company has enough security for their equipment to avoid you being liable in case of any theft. You should ensure that you know the purpose of the cell tower so that you can understand the regulations that govern your contract to avoid entering into an illegal business which can lead to you being jailed. For more facts and information about cell phone tower leasing, go to


Make sure you know about the right you have before you enter into that contract so that you will have precise information to avoid any arguments after the agreement has been completed. You should know the rights you have over the ownership of land to prevent land disputes between you and the company. Before you agree, there is the primary concern which is the amount of money you are going to earn after leasing the land for a cell tower at to be constructed. The price should be affordable according to the size of the property that is being leased to the company.


The cell tower consultant and advisor usually decide on the money to pay the rent of the land they leased based on various factor these include; whether the area is found in urban areas or rural areas land in rural areas is usually cheap compared in the land in urban areas which is a bit expensive. The area where the cell tower is being placed is often a determining factor in the amount of cash they are going to pay for the leased land.